Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

In our dental offices, we only use composite or tooth colored filling material to ensure a natural look for your teeth, and promote better long term oral health. Besides looking great, there are many other benefits to composite fillings, including:

  • Material that bonds to your tooth providing more stability and structural integrity
  • Protection from temperature changes caused by food and drink
  • Reduction in risk of tooth cracking or breaking in future
  • Increased resistance to decay and leaks due to more effective seals around the damage area
  • Ability to combat a wider range of cavity sizes than traditional amalgam fillings
  • Repairable and removable without displacing filling from tooth
  • Safer due to lack of metals such as mercury


Receiving a composite filling in our office ensures that you receive one in which our dentists have carefully selected to match your natural tooth. Fillings can usually be inserted in a single appointment, and give you a healthier, better looking smile than before.

For additional information about these dental fillings and to make an appointment with our team, contact us today.

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