Root Surface Debridement

As time passes, your tooth may form calcified deposits which can be located in the gum pockets. These deposits can make the surface of the tooth rough and harder to properly clean, which allows potentially harmful bacteria to grow and stay on your teeth, contributing to gum disease. An effective and efficient way to solve this is root surface debridement. This procedure cleans the root surfaces to remove these calcified deposits which makes the surface of the tooth more smooth, slowing the progression of possible periodontitis.

Receiving a root surface debridement entails our team of experts cautiously scraping away the calcium deposits from your mouth, removing the bacteria, plaque, and more to thoroughly clean and disinfect your mouth. To make this as painless of a procedure as possible, we will provide local anesthetic and may combine this procedure with others to create the best results for you.

To learn more about this procedure or to schedule an appointment for consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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