Dental Implants

Secure tooth replacements used to replace an entire arch of teeth, a single tooth, and everything in between, are known as dental implants. These implants are placed via a procedure that secures them with a titanium screw into the jawbone where the missing tooth was located. This screw replaces the original tooth root and ensures the implant will be secure. After the procedure is done, there is often a period of healing for the mouth to ensure that the jawbone accepts and binds with the biocompatible new root.

Post healing period, our expert team of dentists will insert the replacement tooth which will fit securely onto the replacement root. From dental crowns or dental bridges to complete or partial dentures, whatever your personal or oral needs are, we can provide the right solution. Every dental implant is custom made for your mouth, ensuring that it feels good and looks great.

Replacing one or many teeth can revitalize your oral health, function, and overall smile. A dental implant can be a great solution, as the implant is made to feel, seem, and function exactly like your natural teeth. In addition, with good at home care, these implants can last a lifetime. For more information on dental implants or to learn about the wide range of benefits, please call or visit us today.

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