Braces for Kids

One of the best times for orthodontic treatments is childhood, while kids are growing and developing. As they are still developing, we can guide aspects like teeth and jaw alignment to prevent issues as they grow, while addressing any issues that we notice. One thing our team can offer are braces to aid in aligning your child’s teeth and giving them a more beautiful and healthier smile.

Braces are a great orthodontic treatment option for almost any child. They gradually and carefully realign their teeth using a structure of metal brackets, bands, and wires. Attached to the front part of the teeth, the brackets are connected with wires and bands and do most of the heavy lifting realigning the teeth. As we adjust the wire, the child’s teeth will be aligned into the optimal position.

Braces are used for a lot of different reasons, including:

  • Over crowded teeth
  • Teeth that appear crooked
  • Teeth with gaps
  • Incorrectly aligned teeth
  • Bite issues (overbite, underbite, crossbite, etc.)

Throughout the orthodontic treatment your child will visit us frequently to ensure that the braces are being adjusted correctly and that the process is going as planned.

For more information regarding childrens braces and to make your child’s first appointment, don’t hesitate to visit or call us today!

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