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Fluoride Treatments

Naturally found in water, fluoride is a mineral that can strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. While you do get some from the foods you eat and drinks you consume, we may recommend fluoride treatments so that you get the maximum benefit from fluoride.

Fluoride protects teeth from tooth decay while strengthening them as well. As you go throughout your day, your teeth are constantly being bombarded by sugars, bacteria, and acids from the foods and beverages you consume. Fluoride works to harden tooth enamel, helping to prevent tooth decay and cavities, fighting this constant assault. Not only does this mineral fight tooth decay, but it also strengthens teeth as they develop. This makes it something that can be monumentally beneficial for children and young adults that may still have developing teeth.

Our team here at Beyond Dental Health may suggest professional fluoride treatment while your regular cleaning is happening. If your teeth are prone to decay or not receiving sufficient amounts of fluoride from sources like food and drink, we may suggest further fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatment is just one of the many ways to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. For additional information on preventative procedures, call or visit us today. We cannot wait to start caring for your smile.

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