Trust an Endodontist for Complex Tooth Treatment Needs

An endodontist is a dental specialist who cares for and treats issues that affect the inside of a tooth. When a patient complains of severe tooth pain, an endodontist will diagnose the cause of the pain and work to save the natural tooth.

A successful endodontist is part of a team of specialists that work together to help patients who are suffering from severe tooth pain. In many cases, the first specialist to make a diagnosis here at our Beyond Dental Health office in South Weymouth, MA, is the hygienist.

Each hygienist gets an up-close view of a patient’s teeth during a patient’s preventative care visit and will alert the dentist to any potential problems once the cleaning is complete. As the hygienist cleans and scrapes plaque and debris from the teeth, the hygienist is taking mental notes if the patient reacts when certain areas of a tooth or areas of the gums are touched.

A hygienist is trained in preventative care but also has the ability to notice when the first signs of endodontic issues appear. Tooth pain is one of the most common signs of possible endodontic distress. Another possible sign of an issue is a damaged or cracked tooth that could easily be susceptible to an abscess or other dental pulp diseases that could lead to the loss of a tooth or more serious gum issues.

If a patient experiences continuous pain after a cleaning or any other type of treatment, our team in our South Weymouth office will work with the endodontist to find the problem. Some minor discomfort or pain is normal after any teeth cleaning, however, no patient should experience severe or continued pain. If the pain persists, the patient may need to be checked for an infection and other examinations may need to be initiated as well.

Tooth pain could be an indication of weakened enamel or a possible infection. Gum inflammation around a particular tooth or the drastic discoloration of a tooth are possible signs that an abscess has formed or there is other significant damage to a tooth.

The treatment of an abscess is one of the many endodontic procedures that can be performed at Beyond Dental Health. An abscess is a buildup of pus that forms when bacteria gets inside a tooth or invades the gums. It affects the pulp or interior tissues of a tooth and can cause pain and significant damage.

Endodontic care also encompasses root canal treatment. During a root canal, an endodontist removes diseased or injured pulp tissue from the inside of a tooth to relieve pain and get rid of any bacteria that could lead to more damage inside the tooth.

Many people don’t realize the importance that good oral hygiene has on the rest of the body. People with poor oral health are much more likely to have other long-term health problems. It’s one of the reasons dentists stress regular brushing and flossing, regular visits to the office for cleanings, and X-rays at least once a year.

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