The Power of Cavity Fillings with Help from Beyond Dental

If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know about the pain and sensitivity that comes with it. It hurts to chew, it’s sensitive at random moments, and cavity fillings themselves can be an arduous task to have completed. Beyond Dental Health is here to make this a seamless experience for you with tooth-colored fillings to keep you confident in your smile.

When cavities go unchecked they can grow in size and even lead to a second cavity appearing, leading to brittle teeth or even fractures that can then require root canals or even extraction.

So mark your calendars for March 6th, which is National Dentist’s Day, to get those cavity fillings with some of the best dentists in Massachusetts.

Dr. Alison Freeman is Beyond Dental Health’s lead dentist and is supported by a team of professionals such as Dr. Frank Schiano, Dr. Katie Murphy, Dr. Robert Stoddard, Dr. Marci Mazzuca, Dr. Rebekah Collins, Dr. Shivani Shirgavi, and Dr. Taylor Darmetko, who are all happy to help with your dental needs, from your child’s first visit to your feisty aunt’s cavity fillings.

Using composite material for your cavity fillings not only ensures a more natural look but also promotes stability and structural integrity which can last longer than the usual filling. This type of technology also has an increased resistance against decay and fits a wider range of cavity sizes, meaning better oral health for all.

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