Dental Check-Ups

Dental cleanings and exams are two of the most common yet most important preventative measures we offer. Each and every time you visit us for a check up we provide a professional cleaning, dental exam, and tips for them to keep their oral health great.

During these exams, we will:

  • Clean teeth by removing bacteria, tartar, and more, which could otherwise lead to gum disease
  • Polish and floss their teeth
  • Analyze their teeth and supporting areas for signs of damaging dental issues

Additionally, we may utilize X-rays to further assess your child’s smile and ensure that they receive the dental care they need. Attending regular scheduled dental cleanings and screenings are crucial to the overall oral health of the child, as they provide important preventative measures against common damaging conditions.

We suggest that you bring your child in for a visit around every six months to receive routine dental cleaning and exams. We recommend more frequent visits if necessary, and implore you to contact us if there is ever a dental emergency for you or your child. To schedule your child’s first appointment please contact us today!

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