Prevent Your Next Cavity Filling with Routine Visits to Beyond Dental Health in Hanson, MA!

By attending your routine dental check-ups, our dentists at Beyond Dental Health in Hanson can ensure that your mouth is in perfect shape! Check-ups allow us to assess your oral health, as well as identify any concerns with your teeth or gums. Some findings may require another visit or an additional procedure to restore your smile to its best potential! Whether these findings may result in a cavity filling or a simple X-ray, our team wants to guarantee the finest preventative care for your needs!

At your cleanings, your dentist will perform necessary, non-invasive exams to remove plaque and tartar, as well as inspect your teeth for signs of disease or damaging dental conditions. This is why it is so important to start children young with good dental habits!

By instilling an early routine of regular dental appointments, your children will have a better chance of a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums! During a cleaning, we are likely to catch an oral ailment early and provide treatment to limit its spread.

For example, if our dentist discovers a cavity, you may need a cavity filling at a separate appointment. This will alleviate future pain and prevent further tooth decay. If you have any concerns regarding your first visit or your child’s first appointment, please call our Hanson location at (781) 293-2128 to speak with a trusted member of our staff!

Regular check-ups also include a digital X-ray. These yearly X-rays may show where a possible cavity filling may be needed while also giving the dentist a clear and concise roadmap of your teeth and gums. Digital X-rays allow our team at Beyond Dental Health in Hanson to take fast, clear images of your teeth.

These quality photos allow our doctors to assess the state of your mouth and could lead to the discovery of decay, developmental abnormalities, abscesses, filling fractures, bone loss, and infections! Early discovery of these conditions will give our team the opportunity to provide top-notch treatment in a timely manner and leave you with a healthier, happier smile.

The most effective way to truly prevent a cavity filling and most other dental problems is to practice flawless oral hygiene at home. This not only includes diligent cleaning habits but also checking with your dentist about professional cleanings and life changes to boost your oral health.

Preventative dentistry helps you to avoid losing teeth later in life, as well as steer clear of serious dental complications. At Beyond Dental Health in Hanson, our in-office preventative dentistry procedures include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, regular cleanings, and diet reviews.

Sealants and fluoride treatments prevent tooth decay and help maintain the enamel that covers your teeth. Our diet and habit reviews will provide you with careful suggestions that will enhance your oral well-being with a healthier plan for your daily life!

Make your next appointment with Beyond Dental Health in Hanson, MA, by calling our office at (781) 293-2128 or you can visit our website and make an inquiry there. We also have three other locations (Abington, Cohasset, and South Weymouth) in the South Shore area for your convenience.

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