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The health of our teeth often takes the spotlight when discussing common oral care. However, periodontics, the practice of treating diseases within soft mouth tissues and gums, is incredibly important in regards to your mouth’s entire well-being. At Beyond Dental Health in Cohasset, we’re proud to provide you with the absolute best periodontal care in Massachusetts! With a wide variety of services from dental implants to periodontal surgery, our trained professionals will restore your complete smile!

Dental implants can sound daunting — but at Beyond Dental Health in Cohasset, we will ensure that you receive the most comfortable, painless treatment that we can provide! Performed to replace missing teeth, our implants are secured into your jawbone with a titanium screw. This sturdy screw replaces your tooth’s original root, allowing your implant to stay put.

However, this process may take a bit of healing, and the official insertion of your replacement tooth will occur after this period. When your jaw is ready, your custom tooth will fit perfectly into your mouth, guaranteeing a job well done! Dental implants might be for you if you’re experiencing trouble with your oral health, jaw functions, and smile with missing teeth. No matter your needs, our trained staff at Beyond Dental Health in Cohasset is prepared to provide the best treatment for you!

Unfortunately, gum disease is one of the most common oral ailments today. Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, is caused by excess plaque in your mouth. The bacteria from this plaque inflames your gum tissues, pulling the gums away from your teeth. This ultimately results in tooth and bone loss. To prevent gingivitis, consider improving your daily oral hygiene and scheduling more professional dental cleanings at Beyond Dental Health in Cohasset.

If you believe that you are currently suffering from gum disease, please visit our office as soon as possible to receive an assessment from one of our trusted doctors. Catching gingivitis early on is the key to preserving your entire smile!

Periodontal surgery may be the answer to some cases of gum disease. Depending on the state of your gums and the stage of your gingivitis, our dentists at Beyond Dental Health may suggest a form of surgery to best suit your needs. Common types of periodontal surgery include gingival flap surgery, gingivectomies, and gingivoplasty.

These periodontal surgeries separate, reshape, or remove the gum tissues surrounding your teeth the best treat the disease. Sometimes, in cases of gingivoplasty, your dental surgeon may lengthen your crowns or graft extra gum tissues to ensure the finest treatment method. To assess whether you may need periodontal surgery, please contact our office to arrange for a consultation appointment with one of our experienced dentists.

Our specially trained staff at Beyond Dental Health in Cohasset is prepared to service all of your oral needs, whether dental or periodontal. It is crucial to examine your gum health as well as your teeth to ensure proper care and preservation of your beautiful smile!

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