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The term general dentist describes the main provider of dental healthcare for patients of all ages.

When a patient comes to our Beyond Dental Health office in Cohasset, MA, for a regular checkup, the patient is seeing a general dentist, someone who has been trained to diagnose and prevent the disease from forming in the mouths of patients.

Preventing disease is accomplished by starting with a preventive oral healthcare routine that includes regular visits to the dentist for exams, teeth cleanings, and X-rays and an at-home plan that features regular brushing, flossing, and the use of an antiseptic mouthwash after every brushing.

One of the best tools for a general dentist to diagnose the disease is preventative care examinations that every patient is encouraged to schedule. At a preventive care appointment, patients will receive teeth cleaning from a hygienist. The hygienist not only cleans the teeth but also serves as the eyes and ears of the dentist.

When the cleaning is complete, the dentist will conduct their own examination but not without consulting with the hygienist to determine if troublesome areas were noticed during the cleaning. Hygienists frequently take measurements of gum recession during cleaning and make mental notes of areas that bleed or teeth that are prone to a buildup of more plaque than others.

This information is relayed to the dentist who then looks for areas of tooth decay or other dental care issues that may be developing in the patient’s mouth. If the problems require treatment, the dentist may recommend a restorative procedure or cosmetic dentistry to help treat the problem area.

A general dentist has the knowledge and expertise to provide an array of services that are vital to the dental health of patients but also to the overall health of a patient as well. Studies show that a patient’s oral health often mirrors a patient’s general health. Patients who suffer from oral infections that have been left untreated often have other more serious health problems.

People with poor oral health are more likely to suffer from diabetes, an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, and additional heart conditions. Women who have dental issues can experience complications when they are pregnant.

When a general dentist identifies a specific problem, they will recommend timely and appropriate restorative treatment. This could be as simple as the removal of decay and the placement of a filling to more extensive treatments such as caring for a painful tooth that may be infected by periodontal disease to dental procedures that replace a missing tooth with a crown or a bridge.

At Beyond Dental Health, our general dentist is also an expert in more advanced treatments, including the placement of dental implants and root canal therapies. Cosmetic procedures are also available. Many patients take advantage of our teeth whitening treatments or inquire about veneers that can be fabricated to cover discolored, chipped, or broken teeth.

Our dental practice will keep the teeth, gums, and mouths of our patients healthy and happy because of the numerous dental services that we offer. Give our Cohasset office a call today at (833) 340.1628 to schedule an appointment or go online for additional information about our services.

Beyond Dental Health also has three other offices in the South Shore area for your convenience. Our Abington, Hanson, and South Weymouth offices also offer the same great services. We look forward to treating you!

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