Get Smiles That Go Above and Beyond at Beyond Dental Health

Mar. 252022

Dental visits can be a tough time on anybody. Even typing in the words ‘dentist near me’ into a search engine can usually leave us with a feeling of anxiety; it’s not exactly a surprise to hear that nobody cares for hands and metal poking and prodding around your mouths as you sit in a dental chair under bright fluorescent lighting.

However, in light of Dental Assistant Week which we’ll celebrate this year March 7-11, we’d like to highlight our amazing team of dental experts who are here to make sure your next visit goes above and beyond your expectations. We provide a warm environment where you can feel safe and comfortable no matter what service you require, whether it’s dental X-rays, nervous children, or just a case of dental anxiety.

Not only do our team of doctors work hard to keep your smile bright and healthy, our dental assistants have years of experience to help guide you toward the best decisions you can make for your mouth, ensuring you leave happier than when you arrived.

When we think of anything along the lines of ‘dentist near me’, it usually comes down to where the closest location with the earliest appointment that’s convenient for us. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re convenient, compassionate, or caring for all your dental needs.

But that doesn’t mean you or your smile should suffer. Beyond Dental Health offers a variety of general family dental services, including what most of us are used to, such as dental cleaning and X-rays to ensure your teeth are healthy and in their best condition.

Along with preventive care, Beyond Dental Health also performs cosmetic and restorative dentistry, which can include dental implants to fill in gaps, veneers to shape your teeth, and crowns to make for your best smile ever.

Beyond Dental Health is dedicated to making your experience a better one. So skip the Google search! Instead of searching for a ‘dentist near me’, check out our website here to schedule an appointment at our South Weymouth, MA, office by calling (781) 660-7800.

We also have locations in Cohasset, Abington, and Hanson so visit any of our locations to see why all our clients can’t stop talking about their ‘dentist near me’.

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