What You Need to Know Before Getting a Dental Crown

Have you been told you need a dental crown but you have no clue what’s in store for you?

Don’t worry because we have your back at Beyond Dental Health in Abington, MA. Let’s talk about what a dental crown is, why it’s necessary for you to have one, and the things you should be prepared for as you begin your treatment.

A dental crown is what dentists use to restore a severely damaged tooth. Like a cap, it is placed on top of your tooth. Imagine it as wearing a beanie to keep your head from freezing during the winter. A crown is designed to be the perfect fit for patients and can be made out of gold, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal.

Dental crowns can be needed for a variety of reasons. For example, a patient may need to use a dental crown if a dental filling cannot be used to restore a damaged tooth. Other reasons for a crown can be to protect a tooth after a root canal, an implant, as a support for a dental bridge, to help shape a tooth, or to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by decay.

Getting a dental crown does require extra care in order for it to last for a long time. For instance, you should avoid biting your nails, grinding your teeth, or any other action that may damage and crack your crown. Patients should be careful when eating certain foods, especially hard and crunchy, sticky, or extremely hot and cold foods that can all lead to crown breaking. Foods that require long periods of chewing should be avoided as well.

Dental hygiene is also extremely important. As long as you have proper oral care, a dental crown should be able to last for a period of 15+ years. Some crowns have even lasted for a lifetime. In order for this to happen, you should first floss and then brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. If you have sensitivity to hot and cold foods or drinks, dentists suggest that patients use toothpaste that is manufactured for sensitive teeth.

If you are experiencing problems with your dental crown, it is recommended that you seek help from your dentist. Although a dentist will do their best to design a perfectly fitted crown for a tooth, there may be times when a patient may complain that the crown is too high. One of the signs of trouble may be pain when a patient bites down on food over the crown.

There are times when you may feel like a dental crown is loosening. This could cause bacteria to build up under the crown and infect the actual tooth. If any of these circumstances occur, do not panic! It is quite common for patients to experience issues once a crown has been placed.

At our Beyond Dental Health office in Abington, it’s our mission to provide you with a dental home that can serve the oral healthcare needs of your family and for everyone to be able to smile confidently. We provide great smiles with our preventative family dentistry and the restorative and cosmetic treatments that patients can receive.

We are a team that welcomes patients with positivity! As mentioned before, even if you experience a minor problem with a dental crown, do not be afraid to reach out! Helping our patients receive the finest dental care in the South Shore area is what we do best.

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