The Important Role a Dental Hygienist Plays with an Endodontist

Behind every good endodontist is a hard-working dental hygienist that oftentimes initiates the diagnosis.

Dental hygienists provide the groundwork for the advanced treatment that is eventually performed by an endodontist. Working as a team, the hygienist will flag a problem area in a patient’s mouth that could develop into a serious health issue if it’s not treated.

A hygienist specializes in preventative care but has the expertise needed to notice the first signs of endodontic issues. These signs can be as simple as tooth pain or the telltale signs of a damaged or cracked tooth that could be susceptible to an abscess or other diseases that could lead to the loss of a tooth or more serious gum issues.

When patients experience continuous pain after cleaning, the hygienists at Beyond Dental Health will work with the endodontist to get to the root of the problem (pun not intended). Although mild discomfort is normal after teeth cleaning, especially if the cleaning is overdue, patients should not experience severe pain. If severe pain occurs, our hygienist will check for infection and initiate other examinations if needed.

Hygienists are most likely to be the first to learn about teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Slight reactions during cleaning are natural and expected, but pain generated from the tooth is an indicator of weakened enamel or a possible infection. Our hygienist will then collaborate with the endodontist on additional treatment.

A hygienist will listen when patients mention problems and know the right time to involve the endodontist. Hygienists know the warning signs when a patient complains about pain and tenderness, gum inflammation around a particular tooth, the drastic discoloration of a tooth, or a possible abscess.

After treatment, our dental hygienists will provide preventative treatment so the patient avoids any more endodontic issues. They may apply a sealant to prevent cavities, provide patients a fluoride rinse, and take X-rays of a patient’s teeth and gums. They educate patients on oral health and give expert advice on proper oral care at home.

Since a dental hygienist is usually the first person a patient sees, treating and preventing any endodontic issues can start with them. Our dental hygienists in our Cohasset, MA, office recognize the signs that lead to endodontic problems and collaborate with the endodontist to provide expert care and solutions.

Together, dental hygienists and endodontists work to give you a beautiful smile and alleviate tooth pain from the inside out.

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