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Whether you’re an adult who is preparing to start a new job or a student who will soon be returning to school as the last few weeks of summer slip away, the Beyond Dental Health office in Hanson, MA, can perform a cavity filling to make sure everyone has a bright new smile.

Many dentists recommend that patients have a routine preventative care visit every six months and we know that most children have spent some portion of the summer enjoying delicious ice cream and other summer treats. Although those treats are surely delicious, we want to make sure a child’s teeth are still healthy and absent of any cavities before they return to school. We understand that enjoying a few treats may result in a cavity or two and if that is the case, we need to perform a cavity filling to protect the tooth from further decay.

Here at Beyond Dental Health, we want to make sure your child and adults develop healthy dental habits from the start and that is why during every visit we will encourage them to take the necessary steps to keep their teeth as clean as possible. At every check-up and cleaning, we will examine the teeth and provide advice to ensure they maintain a healthy smile.

We invite both new and current patients to bring their children in during the month of August to get their teeth back in tip-top shape for the beginning of the school year. Our cleanings typically consist of a hygienist cleaning your child’s teeth and checking for signs of trouble, particularly cavities. If there is a cavity, we will schedule an additional appointment for a cavity filling. It is very important to get a cavity filled as soon as possible so there is no further damage to the affected tooth.

Here is a little more information about what a cavity is and what the process of repairing one looks like. A cavity is when bacteria builds up on a tooth and the acids create a small hole on the surface of the tooth. The acids in your mouth are typically created from the sugar in sweet foods. These cavities can be easily prevented by brushing and flossing daily and by visiting your dentist at least twice a year.

If you do have a cavity, the best way to treat it is with a cavity filling. Although cavities cannot be instantly repaired, a filling is used to prevent further damage to the tooth and reduce the pain that often comes with a nasty cavity.

The process begins when one of our dentists at Beyond Dental Health removes the decay from the infected tooth and then uses a strong material to fill the cavity. A filling is the best way to prevent further damage and decay and will help treat the pain or discomfort your child may be experiencing.

We understand how important a trusting relationship is between your child and their dentist and that is why we will always treat your child with respect and explain dental advice in terms they can understand and put into practice. We believe in establishing good oral hygiene habits at an early age and will make sure we provide all the information your child needs to keep their teeth in great shape.

Check out our website here to schedule an appointment for your child today or call our location in Hanson at (781) 293-2128. We have other locations on the South Shore in Abington, Cohasset, and South Weymouth so that all our patients have a convenient place to take their children.

We look forward to seeing you and your child at their next appointment in our Hanson office.

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