Reasons to See Your Emergency Dentist in Hanson, MA

Dental emergencies can be sudden and scary, especially when you might have to wait for an appointment. There has also been confusion about when to see an emergency dentist and when to go to the emergency room. Our Beyond Dental Health team is here to help put this confusion behind you!

There are many situations that classify as dental emergencies. Typical examples include a knocked-out tooth, severe tooth pain, a chipped tooth, or a tooth that seems to be protruding in a way that isn’t normal. However, there are other not-so-common reasons to visit your local emergency dentist.

Dental abscesses

These are swollen infections around the teeth or gums. They can and should be treated by a dental professional as soon as possible to prevent the possible spread of infection to the face or jaw. Soft tissue damage that has caused bleeding can also prompt a visit to your emergency dentist. If the bleeding is extremely heavy, visiting the emergency room should also be considered.

Gum or tooth discoloration

This can indicate dead tissue or infection, both of which should be treated by a dental professional as soon as possible. Another indicator of infection or adverse health issues is bad breath. If persistent (meaning it refuses to go away no matter what you try) bad breath or taste is an acceptable reason to see either an emergency or regular dentist.

Severe problems with previous dental work

Another possible reason to see your emergency dentist, loose or damaged dental crowns and fillings can cause damage – sometimes severe – to the underlying teeth if not promptly fixed. Having excessive side effects from dental procedures like tooth extraction or root canal therapy should also prompt a visit.

Still, there are some situations in which going to the emergency room would be a better decision than coming in to see an emergency dentist. Excessive bleeding that is not helped by sustained pressure, swelling of the face that extends to the neck, or severe trauma to the face from an accident should all prompt a visit to the emergency room.

Visiting the emergency dentist doesn’t have to be expensive either. Most dental insurance provided by employers will cover emergency dental procedures or visits. Here at our Beyond Dental Health office in Hanson, MA, we realize that not everyone has access to these plans through their employer.

That is why we started the Beyond Dental Club, a low-cost insurance alternative to help you and your family stay covered when it’s needed. Plans include one free emergency exam per year, plus a discount on treatments where applicable.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, it’s time to visit your local emergency dentist. Beyond Dental Health has an emergency dentist that is available to help treat any of the above dental situations.

Give our Hanson, MA, office a call at (781) 293.2128 to schedule an appointment, or visit our website to learn more about our emergency dental services. We also have three other offices in the South Shore area in Abington, Cohasset, and South Weymouth for your convenience.

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